The Shallows

The Shallows (2016)

Genre: Thriller, Horror, Drama

This is an alright shark attack movie that can keep you fairly entertained from beginning to the end 🙂 . Blake Lively was quite good as Nancy as her acting in this movie (through her characters struggles) was believable and you felt for her 🙂 . I liked that she was a medical student and how she was “saving herself” when she was dealing with her injuries. The scenery was very pretty and I liked her relationship with the seagull (though I did feel kind of cheesy… 😛 ). The flow of the movie worked and did keep you watching plus you become very intrigued to see how she could survive. The attack of the Shark was very good and I liked how when one stranger was killed we weren’t allowed to see it. We just watched her reaction which was pretty good 🙂 . I also loved the opening scene with the child and I even liked how the shark was defeated (even if it may have been a little unbelievable 😛 ). The CGI is an issue throughout this movie. At times it looked unique with the phone images integrating with the movie then at times looks poor. Especially the graphics of the shark is very questionable at times. Another problem with this movie is the shark’s motives. I assume it is just some seriously blood thirsty monster that just enjoys eating humans even if there is a massive whale carcass. Though the films suggests it is a normal shark so then that makes you question its motives throughout the entire movie creating a sense of unbelievably. However, the film is alright and keeps you entertained. This is good for anyone who likes survival thriller against a monster attack movie but it is nothing “Wow”. Enjoy 🙂

I give this film 3 Stars out of 5!

Panda The Shallows
Not just another day at the beach.

Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast (2017)

Genre: Family Film, Fantasy, Musical, Disney

I have been very excited to see this new real life version of the classic Disney animation from 1991 and I know I was not the only one 🙂 ! The film did not disappoint 😀 ! The story stays mostly honest to the original story which I truly enjoyed and appreciated the nostalgic feeling you get (if you loved the first film 😛 ). The songs were great, they were pleasant to hear (even if you think the original songs were better 😛 ) and I loved the new additions which I assume are from the musical. My favourite song version in this movie was “Evermore” sang by Dan Stevens 🙂 . The costumes and set looked appealing, “Disney” and I loved that it has attempted to look traditional 18th century France! I think it did a great job with the period setting, with the dress sense of the all the characters (maybe not Belles 😛 ) and the CGI on the Beast and objects were great. The film began great and ends wonderfully. The cast is epic (Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Luke Evans and Josh Gad to name a few) and all performed fabulous in this film 😀 . What I also loved about this movie was as much I as appreciate the director staying true the original, they still showed new stuff such as more in depth backgrounds. We learnt more about Belle, Beast and what would have happened to the servants at the Beast’s castle. I loved the relationship between Gaston and LeFou plus the development of LeFou was great 🙂 . His line in the mob songs was very cool. Overall, a really good real life animation that any fan of the original will enjoy and it is great for the entire family 🙂 . Enjoy 😀

I give this film 5 Stars out of 5!

Panda Beauty and the Beast 1
Be our guest.


Moana (2016)

Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Disney

The newest addition to the Disney Princess Franchise 🙂 . The story is very good and captivates you the entire way. I liked that this film doesn’t take you down the traditional routes you would expect from a Disney Princess movie. I did miss that expected romance but I was pleased with what I got instead 🙂 . The story explores the power of friendship, adventure, and finding yourself which is quite refreshing. The two main characters Maui (Dwayne Johnson) and Moana (Auli’i Cravalho) were both very good 🙂 . I believed their friendship and Maui was very funny with his song “Your Welcome”. I quite liked all the songs from this movie but my favourites were Moana’s “How Far I’ll Go” and “I am Moana” as her voice was brilliant and it was nice to actually sound the age of the character 😛 . I also liked “Shiny” by Tamatoa (Jemaine Clement) as it was quite funny and slightly scary too 😛 . I also loved the magic of the ancestors in this story and loved when Moana was a child as she was so cute! My favourite scene has to be Moana’s walk towards the monster as this was climatic and powerful. Overall, a really good and refreshing Disney Classic that I definitely recommend! Enjoy 🙂

I give this film 5 Stars out of 5!

The ocean is calling.

The Great Mouse Detective

The Great Mouse Detective (1986)

Genre: Animation, Adventure, Family Film, Disney

A Disney classic retelling the tale of Sherlock Holmes using animals (mostly mice 😛 ). This is actually okay 🙂 . The story is entertaining and fairly captivating plus it is actually based of the Basil of Baker Street books not Sherlock (which you naturally assume 😛 ). This I liked as the story was different and it was not a cheap copy of the Sherlock tale. I loved that you can see shadows of humans and the hints of the original Sherlock story running alongside it 🙂 . The art of this movie feels very nostalgic to the old style of Disney classics and the villain (Professor Ratigan) is decent. He is voiced by the great Vincent Price and his character Professor Ratigan maybe one of the darkest villains from Disney 😀 . The songs in this movie aren’t the greatest and they aren’t memorable. My favourite scenes in this movie were the “Big Ben Chase” and the solution to the “Mouse Trap Scene”. I liked them as they were intriguingly, climatic and intense (especially the Big Ben scene 🙂 ). I also liked the characters of Basil, Dawson and Olivia who were good main characters and the relationship between each other was great. I also liked how Basil worked and was probably the best character there 😛 . A very good animation that probably need (and deserves) more recognition 🙂 . Enjoy 😀

I give this film 3.5 Stars out of 5!

Can he bring the dirty rat to justice?

Pete’s Dragon

Pete’s Dragon (2016)

Genre: Disney, Adventure, Family Film, Fantasy

I had never seen the original Pete’s Dragon so I came to this film with no expectations and couldn’t compare it. I don’t know how true to the original story it was but quite honestly, I was disappointed. I was bored by the time this film had gotten part way through and was waiting for it to end. Don’t get me wrong the graphics are good, the initial premise to the film was enticing and it has a great cast 🙂 . However, the film is covered with so many cheesy moments and so much predictability (this was actually one of the worst predictable films on have seen this year). I didn’t feel much for the characters or any danger they might have been in as I basically figured out how it would end. I actually understood the villain (if you can call him that 😛 ) with his fears plus the main two heroes Pete and Elliot were annoying. Elliot was worse because he was so cheesy and near the end (on the bridge) he acted more like the bad guy! Don’t get me wrong the bad guy was still bad and the good guys were overly good that I did understand. I did find parts of the movie funny I have to admit 🙂 . I also loved the beginning scene (before the movie title appeared) as it was executed well, was interesting and created a great premise. Shame nothing else in this movie matched it. This is a movie aimed at kids. It is fairly okay story to watch (the beginning half better) that small children may enjoy. Shame on Disney for creating a weak reboot of their own movie that forgets about the adults. This is a film I will never watch again. Enjoy 🙂

I give this film 2 Stars out of 5!

Panda Pete's Dragon
Some Secrets Are Too Big To Keep.

Finding Dory

Finding Dory (2016)

Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Disney, Pixar

I loved the original movie “Finding Nemo” and after the (13 year) wait it was worth it 😀 ! Favourites from that film are back like Marlin, Nemo and obviously Dory 😛 .  Plus we get to see cameos from characters like the Turtles as well which is a nice throw back to the original film. The new characters that were introduced weren’t annoying (though some got close to being annoying  😛 ) and were surprisingly likable. I loved Hank the Octopus who was funny because he was so sarcastic. Plus his reason for being in this film was valid and interesting / entertaining to watch. I loved the scene with the parents which can be quite emotional (so prepare for tears). There are some great funny moments in this movie with the seals and the cute otters (you will know the scene when you watch it 😛 ).  A really engaging story that keeps you entertained and has some twists (a false trick in the narrative) 😛 . I had a favourite scene but if I told you that would be spoling (though I can hint it’s near the end and has something to do with following the shells 😛 ). Great movie for those who are fans of Disney Pixar and those who are fans of “Finding Nemo” 🙂 . Enjoy 😀

I give this film 4.5 Stars out of 5!

Panda Finding Dory
She just kept swimming…

Sky High

Sky High (2005)

Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Family Film, Disney

This film is a decent and highly entertaining children’s movie involving superheroes 🙂 . Disney does a good attempt at the superhero genre (pre-Marvel Franchise 😛 ) and even adults (or simply fans of superheroes) will enjoy this. The characters are pleasant and likable, you actually want to root for the good guys, impressed by the villains and laugh along with them. Also the humour is very strong in this film! I loved the idea of separating heroes and sidekicks in a high school setting. The narrative is well constructed, clever, plenty of teen drama, entertaining  and has a pretty nice twist in the plot 😛 . My favourite scenes are the new kids’ initiation into the school, the final battle and the battle between Layla and Penny. I loved the powers they chose for characters, plants, stretch, speed, flight and the graphics aren’t too bad. Has a comic book feel to the film and the soundtrack is pretty cool (my favourite being “I’ll Stop the World and Melt with You” ) 😛 A highly enjoyable and captivating film that the entire family can enjoy and great for fans of superheroes 😀 ! Enjoy 🙂

I give this film 4.5 Stars out of 5!

Panda Sky High
Saving The World…One Homework Assignment At A Time.

The Jungle Book

The Jungle Book (2016)

Genre: Adventure, Drama, Family Film, Disney

I loved this adaption of the original Disney Classic and it may even be better than the first 😛 . The CGI is awesome and creates realistic and impressive animals 🙂 . It has an amazing all star cast (Bill Murray, Ben Kingsley, Idris Elba and Scarlett Johansson) whose voices all suit the animals they play, even a female Kaa 😛 . Neel Sethi was absolutely brilliant and creates a likable, adorable character of Mowgli! His version of the character was ten times better than the 1967 version as you believe his struggle (sympathise with him rather than him being annoying) 🙂 . The action was good as it mostly sticks to the narrative of the original Jungle Book. Though what I did like was that the narrative wasn’t too predictable because (without spoiling) sections are altered. Plus I loved the fact the classic music kept playing throughout in the background and some of the more popular songs still are in the story 😀 ! A really great adaptation that feel more grown up but can still be enjoyed by the entire family 😀 Enjoy!!

I give this film 5 Stars out of 5!

Panda Jungle Book 16
The legend will never be the same.

Chicken Little

Chicken Little (2005)

Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Disney

My last review was about the (probably) best Disney movie ever to now a review on one of the worse Disney film ever! I had (luckily) never had a chance to see this movie as a child so I thought let’s watch it now 🙂 . It is awful. Seriously, everything about it is awful. The CGI is so bad it is actually embarrassing to watch 😛 . I guess we should be kinder to old CGI animation because they are being compared to nowadays, but normally the story would be stronger. The first 60 minutes of this movie is boring, cliché humour and stereotypical personalities (and not even in a humorous way).  It has a pretty bad moral at the beginning, it says “if the whole world doesn’t believe you don’t expect your parents to back you up and now it’s okay for the whole world to bully you”. Even the turnaround stays boring and creates the most predicable, cheesy (kind of) happy ever after that doesn’t leave you satisfied.  Also the songs are so old (even for the year this movie was made), it doesn’t work and doesn’t make it funny. The actual “fake movie” in a movie seemed more interesting 😛 . This is a film I don’t recommend ever because reading the original nursery story is more entertaining. Enjoy 😀

I give this film 0.5 Stars out of  5!

Panda Chicken Little
This time the sky really is falling.