Exodus: Gods and Kings

Exodus: Gods and Kings (2014)

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama

I was looking forward to an epic adventure about a classic biblical tale that should have been good especially with the level of CGI available 🙂 . However, I found this film just okay.  The first half of the movie was passable (almost boring) as you are willing to accept everything for the “action” to start. It already feels too long before we have even got to the plagues which should have been the big money spinner scenes full of CGI and awesomeness. However, it really is not. CGI is okay but that’s the only credit I can give 😛 . The director, Ridley Scott, has taken away the magic element and tried to make things more realistic to a tale that did not need it. For example, the river that turns red now involves crocodiles… 😛 . Moses (Christian Bale) was not likable and did not inspire me to want his character to succeed. Half the slaves were destroyed in the process of the plagues / events happening and the fact the Egyptian Pharaoh is not given the explanation before the final plague made me like his characters over Moses. The film was too long as it was trying to achieve a grand epic feel like from old style movies but in doing so left the film without emotion. It just plods along while getting you annoyed from the plagues onwards. I found the dialogue was not captivating to keep me entertained and I was waiting for the film to finish as I was getting bored. This is a highly disappointing film that should have been great but is awful and will annoy anyone who loved the original story. I don’t think I will ever watch this again and will not recommend this movie 😛 . Enjoy if you can 😛

I give this film 1 Star out of 5!

Panda Gods and Kings
Once Brothers, Now Enemies

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