Death Note

Death Note (2017)

Genre: Adventure, Crime, Drama

Well first things first, if you were a fan or loved the Manga or anime than you aren’t going to like this movie. It’s not terrible but it is no match or worth comparison to the original series. However, I will try to review it as something different (as I may be biased as I did like the original series 😛 ) as it is not Japanese, the characters names changed (Turner instead of Yagami) and is set in America. It’s alright and the graphics (especially on Ryuk) is great 😀 . When Light first uses of the book; that is the most entertaining section along with the Ferris wheel was really different (from series) and cool 🙂 . Light Turner (Nat Wolff) was alright (I really loved his scream reaction from Ryuk as that was funny 😛 ) but it was strange. You try to watch it without thinking of the series but it is hard as they kept the premise, Shinigami’s, character names and roles yet they changed it too. The character I disliked the most was L (Lakeith Stanfield). He was so annoying and so dislikeable in how he “tried to be a smart detective” that I really wanted Light to win. The main problem of this movie is that the pace is really fast which does not work in favour of the narrative. It was so rushed that I don’t think we were given enough chance to care for the characters (especially the ones we were supposed too 😛 ). However, saying that, the new sections make this film good and it’s not the worst thing I have ever seen 😛 . The deaths were gruesome, the show watchable and overall alright to watch 🙂 . I would not recommend if you loved the original series but if you have never known of Death Note before then it’s alright 😛 . Enjoy 😀

I give this film 2 Stars out of 5!

Panda Death Note
The human whose name is written in this note shall die.

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