Aladdin (1992)

Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Disney

This is one of those Disney Classics that the entire family can enjoy 😀 . The story is highly entertaining and is adventure filled keeping both adults and children captivated. The narrative is simple to follow but it has danger elements such as the “palace in the snow” or the “escaping the cave” to stop it from becoming boring. Aladdin is a very sympathetic character who has a sweet and charming element about him that makes you want him to succeed 🙂 . Princess Jasmine is a very good love interest and her reasons in the film are totally understandable. The villain Jafar is very impressive and I loved his constant trickery throughout 😀 !! The humour is as strong as the adventure in this. The animal characters (Abu and Iago) are great but it’s the Genie who makes this 🙂 ! He is voiced by the late but great Robin Williams whose adlibs are so unique you can’t help but be entertained 😀 . Some of the joke references may be dated (as this was for a 90’s audience originally 😛 ) but they aren’t terrible so the quality of the movie is not affected. The songs in this such as a Friend like Me, A Whole New World and Prince Ali are all amazing 😀 ! I think overall this entire film is exactly what you expect and want from a Disney Animated Classic. I enjoyed this film as a child and I can still love this film many years later 🙂 . I personally loved the beginning with the hint of dark tones, mystery, adventure and of course magic 😛 ! This film has something for everyone and will be a big hit anyone. If you haven’t seen this yet you need to and it is perfect for fans of Disney that caters for boys and girls 🙂 . Enjoy 😀

I give this film 5 Stars out of 5!

Panda aladdin
A diamond in the rough

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