A Dog’s Purpose

A Dog’s Purpose (2017)

Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Drama

I am not usually a fan of animal movies but when I do see a decent one I love them. This is a truly amazing movie 😀 !! It had me in tears constantly (I literally have not cried as much to a movie as I did this one 😛 )! The story itself is really unique and I loved the idea of this one dog who keeps on “coming back” in order to find out his purpose in life. The dogs were all adorable and really good little animal actors plus the voice over by Josh Gad was genius 🙂 . He gave true personality and life into the various dogs (though mostly Bailey) and excelled in making us either laugh or cry. Comedy in this movie was pretty high (not as much as the sad sections) and I loved how they took everyday things and described them as a “Dog” would 😀 ! We get to see various different owners and their individual stories. I quite liked them all equally though I do wish we had gotten to see more of the Police Officer Carlos as much as we saw of Maya or Ethan’s.  Even the bad owners (much as I did not like them) fitted the narrative well showing us all types of animal owners and what some poor dogs have to go through. The tragic moments were done extremely well and was heart breaking for anyone watching (not just Dog lovers). The main character we followed was Ethan (played by Bryce Gheisar, K.J. Apa and Dennis Quiad) and he was a likable character who we did want to see again as the dog’s story developed 🙂 . I loved the ending of this movie as it fitted in a happy ending without being overly cheesy 😀 . I also loved the idea of magic in the real world (how else can you explain how the same dog keeps returning? 😛 ). Overall, this is an amazing movie that I would recommend to everyone (though probably those who like animal movies more 😛 ). I definitely recommend as I think you will be missing a great movie if you don’t watch this 🙂 !! Enjoy 😀

I give this film 5 Stars out of 5!

Panda A Dogs Purpose
Every dog happens for a reason.

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