London Road

London Road (2015)

Genre: Adventure, Musical, Mystery

This is such a strange and unique movie that surprisingly captivates you from the beginning to the end 🙂 .  Not only is this film a musical based on a real life murder enquiry (and the community around it) it is using “real” words. Literally the words used from the people and interviews at the time 😀 . It is slightly comical hearing real comments taken apart especially during the (basically) beginning section song with the news reporters 😛 . This is so strange but it had me wanting to watch, enjoy and couldn’t wait to see what song would be created next. The dark tone at the beginning of the movie worked well and the progress of the story changing into a happier tone worked. I loved that the ending and that the sense of darkness has not really disappeared from the community especially with the comment of one of the characters (would like to say who but I would spoil 😛 ). The musical element doesn’t detract from the story and you become engrossed to see who the murderer is and how the community are impacted. There are some worthy and surprisingly big actors in this movie such as Tom Hardy and Olivia Coleman. This may not be the best musical ever made or real life adaptation, but this was an enjoyable watch 🙂 . It was dark and grim but made it entertaining and oddly inspiring with what the community did to improve. A very avant-garde movie that I was glad to have watched once 🙂 . If you’re looking for something different than I think I might recommend this one 😀 . Enjoy 🙂

I give this film 3.5 Stars out of 5!

Panda London Road
Everybody’s very, very nervous.

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