After Earth

After Earth (2013)

Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

This film is not as bad as I thought it would be but it is definitely nothing to rave about 😛 . The idea of the story is alright and could have been great if it wasn’t for the plot holes and being uninteresting. The acting isn’t great here but you can stick with it because of Will Smith but his character (Cypher Raige) and especially Jaden Smith’s (Kitai Raige) were not likable. I felt nothing for them and really did not care if they made it. Okay, maybe I am being a little harsh as there were parts I enjoyed 🙂 . I kind of liked the beginning as it threw you straight into the action and I liked the flashbacks as we learnt what had happened to the family (I won’t spoil in case you do watch this 😛 ). I even liked the hallucination Kitai had with Senshi (Zoë Kravitz) and the “idea” of the monster was fairly good. I especially liked when we learnt what could defeat the monster, and when we saw the dead people in the trees hinting that more than just these two characters could have survived. However, the coldness of the two main characters affected the movie and it had some pretty unrealistic moments (even for Sci-Fi 😛 ) and this did not keep me captivated. For example, why would a creature save him when it had tried to eat him earlier with no reason at all? The CGI was alright but not great either 😛 . I don’t know why this movie was like this, not great or very interesting. It is alright and easy enough to watch if you like something you don’t have to pay attention to 🙂 . An okay-ish movie that I probably wouldn’t recommend but I guess it’s passable for an easy Sci-Fi watch. Enjoy 🙂

I give this film 2 Stars out of 5!

Panda After Earth
Danger is real. Fear is a choice.

New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve (2011)

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Another film based off the style of Love Actually that spawned many movies in its wake 😛 ! This one (about New Year’s Eve 😛 ) is not too bad! The story is nice and entertaining enough for you to follow 🙂 . It is an easy watch that has a decent line up (Katherine Heigl, Halle Berry, Robert De Niro and many more 🙂 ). I liked some of the ways the characters intertwined together especially that joke in the “running to their lover” moment which I loved (when you see it you will know 😛 ). My favourite couple to follow was Paul (Zac Efron) and Ingrid (Michelle Pfeiffer). They were funny, the most likable characters and their goal was an interesting one to follow. However, as much as I know the style of this movie and I know what to expect , I felt like there were too many characters. So many that I barely got to understand them or care if they got their goals or not. It felt more like a spot the celebrity and tourist advertising for New York City 😛 . There are elements in some of the stories that were good and could have been great if they were focussed on more. Instead of shoving as many stories as possible into one movie 😛 . Don’t get me wrong this is a pleasant enough film that I have been able to watch and enjoy. But it is nothing exciting and it more suits as being a chick flick where you don’t mind talking throughout while it plays. Also parts were too cheesy and were almost boring. This film isn’t worth the watch unless you don’t mind watching unchallenging plot lines and a bit of romantic fun. Though this movie is worth it just for that dance scene in the end credits (I won’t spoil 😛 ). Enjoy 😀

I give this film 3 Stars out of 5!

Panda New Years eve
Let the countdown begin.

Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast (2017)

Genre: Family Film, Fantasy, Musical, Disney

I have been very excited to see this new real life version of the classic Disney animation from 1991 and I know I was not the only one 🙂 ! The film did not disappoint 😀 ! The story stays mostly honest to the original story which I truly enjoyed and appreciated the nostalgic feeling you get (if you loved the first film 😛 ). The songs were great, they were pleasant to hear (even if you think the original songs were better 😛 ) and I loved the new additions which I assume are from the musical. My favourite song version in this movie was “Evermore” sang by Dan Stevens 🙂 . The costumes and set looked appealing, “Disney” and I loved that it has attempted to look traditional 18th century France! I think it did a great job with the period setting, with the dress sense of the all the characters (maybe not Belles 😛 ) and the CGI on the Beast and objects were great. The film began great and ends wonderfully. The cast is epic (Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Luke Evans and Josh Gad to name a few) and all performed fabulous in this film 😀 . What I also loved about this movie was as much I as appreciate the director staying true the original, they still showed new stuff such as more in depth backgrounds. We learnt more about Belle, Beast and what would have happened to the servants at the Beast’s castle. I loved the relationship between Gaston and LeFou plus the development of LeFou was great 🙂 . His line in the mob songs was very cool. Overall, a really good real life animation that any fan of the original will enjoy and it is great for the entire family 🙂 . Enjoy 😀

I give this film 5 Stars out of 5!

Panda Beauty and the Beast 1
Be our guest.

Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island (2017)

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

The newest version of the King Kong story with a pretty decent cast and looked awesome from the trailer. The film is alright. I can’t say it was the best because it definitely wasn’t but I can’t say it was the worst either. Let’s start with things like I did like 🙂 . The cast was great Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson, Samuel L Jackson and John C Reilly to name a few. The deaths were pretty shocking, at times surprising and I liked the fact you did not know what creature you might find next 😀 . Some of the characters I liked and wanted to survive. Kong looked good and I liked his entrance (and fight scene) in the 1974 storyline. The monsters looked and were shocking like that “Spider” monster part way through the movie. I also enjoyed when the attack (from Kong) at the beginning happened and liked that the group was separated 🙂 . However, as much I liked it…the storyline was plausible enough to run but not enough to captivate. The “art” that made it look like 70s editing did not help this movie but hindered. The slow motion fights and moments like dramatically cutting a monster just made the scene cheesy and became repetitive. The focus of the slow motion and the ‘money’ shots of the monsters affected the characters and as much as I might have felt for the characters at the beginning I began to lose any attachment to them. They were swallowed by the poor CGI moments bringing even their good acting skills (I have seen these actors before and I know they can act) down to its level. Don’t get me wrong the film is alright and has merit 🙂 . I did enjoy some parts and liked that they had tried to imitate classic monster flicks in the movie. I just wish that the whole cheesy element had not turned up and wish the narrative was stronger than the CGI. This film could have been so much better. A film that is good for any looking for a monster flick that is an easy watch with the odd surprise 🙂 . Enjoy 😀

I give this film 3 Stars out of 5!

Panda Kong Skull Island
We don’t belong here.

Hidden Figures

Hidden Figures (2017)

Genre: Biography, Drama, History

When I first saw this trailer I was so excited to watch this as I had heard so many good reviews 🙂 . It definitely did not disappoint 😀 . This is a great movie that explores the problems back in the 1960’s America and the amazing efforts these three women did for NASA. I had not heard of these women before this year and was amazed at how smart they were. The movie explored the appalling attitudes they had to deal with tastefully and made you feel great to be a woman (or feel great for them 😛 ) when they succeed.  The outfits are great, the set fabulous and the background music (mixture of modern and classic) worked brilliantly for the film 🙂 . There are some epic lines that resonate throughout such as Mary’s when answering a question “I wouldn’t have to. I’d already be one” 🙂 . The court room was also a fabulous scene and loved it when Dorothy was walking down the corridor with all of her colleges (won’t say not more as I don’t want to spoil 😛 ). There are some emotional scenes as well and my favourite (emotional) scene was then Katherine had to justify her trip to the toilet. Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer and Janelle Monáe were all fabulous as the leading women 😀 . I loved the ending and learning about what happened afterwards with these three women. A great movie for all who want to learn about the real people behind the Space Race (NASA) and the struggles they went through to succeed. I definitely recommend this movie for everyone (probably more for women then family 😛 ). Enjoy 😀

I give this film 4 Stars out of 5!

Panda Hidden Figures
Meet the women you don’t know, behind the mission you do.


Logan (2017)

Genre: Action, Drama, Sci-Fi

This is the last ever performance of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine…and it is awesome 😀 . The storyline is pretty good and kept me entertained from start to finish 🙂 . I liked the hints throughout of “what has happened to the mutants?” that we kept getting from various character’s speeches and media (like the radio in Logan’s car). The reason they go, the bad guys’ entrance and even the action scenes were good. I was captivated by wondering what has (and was) happening throughout.  I liked that the story did not fall into a typical X-Men narrative and focused on Wolverine as this is what the whole movie is about. The performance from Hugh Jackman was his best yet as Wolverine and Patrick Stewart was great as the much older Charles Xavier 😀 . Dafne Keen was also great as Laura and I liked how she acted a bit like a wild animal during the fight scenes. I also enjoyed the reason she was there plus her connection with Logan was reasonable and did not hinder his character 🙂 . There is plenty of humour, sweet and shocking moments and definitely some emotional ones too  😛 . I really enjoyed the scenes that hinted to where Laura is from (can’t say too much as I don’t want to spoil 😛 ) and the ending was fitting. This movie was a decent end to two familiar (and probably favourite 😛 ) characters and an end to X-Men movies that began in 2000 🙂 . This is no Days of Future Past but still a great film. This is definitely worth the watch for any X-Men fan 🙂 Enjoy 🙂

I give this film 4.5 Stars out of 5!

Panda Logan
His time has come.

Mechanic: Resurrection

Mechanic: Resurrection (2016)

Genre: Action, Adventure, Crime

The Mechanic sequel is alright but I think fans of the original movie would be disappointed. It is a simple storyline that is overused and expected if you looking for anything in the action genre category. To be fair, I did not think it was as bad many others have said in their reviews of this film. I actually was entertained and enjoyed the section when Arthur Bishop (Jason Statham) was taking out the bad guys 🙂 . My favourite one was the “swimming pool” incident 😀 . The mission was great but the storyline did have problems. For example, I was not sure why the main character gave up his “safety” to protect a pretty girl Gina (Jessica Alba) who he met two days ago 😛 . Plus the ending when Bishop is getting the upper hand against the villain Crain (Sam Hazeldine) got a little messy as a storyline. The scenery is good and the action is plentiful. I haven’t watched the original movie so I am not sure how faithful to the story and characters this sequel was. However, if you looking for a simple action flick with an alight storyline with a mix of predictability then this is for you 🙂 . Though if you loved the original then maybe give this one a miss 😛 . Enjoy 😀

I give this film 2.5 Stars out of 5!

Revenge is a dangerous business.

Blair Witch

Blair Witch (2016)

Genre: Horror, Thriller

I have never seen the original movie so I am not sure how good this sequel is in comparison. However, I thought this was a pretty decent horror flick 🙂 . The narrative itself as easy to follow and actually has a believable reason for going into woods where you know bad things have already happened. There is the obvious “why would you?” in this movie as expected but I quite liked the group of friends and thought the story was enough to keep me entertained 🙂 . Even though this movie is filmed in a documentary-like style it did not hinder the film as they used all types of recording technology that we have nowadays. The horror element is alright, not too bloody so people who don’t really like “gory” horror movies can enjoy this. There are some good suspenseful scary moments that did have me on the edge of my seat. Such as the crawling underground, getting separated in the woods and the end section in the house 😀 . I loved the moments when the other two members kept returning to the group (I am trying not to spoil 😛 ) and one of my favourite scenes was the “snapping of the wicker doll”. The pacing of the movie runs steadily along and ended great (the end section was my favourite part 😀 ). Plus when you see the witch she is pretty awesome and scary at the same time 😛 . This may not be to everyone’s taste but I think this is a pretty good horror film. It is definitely worth a watch at least once 🙂 . Enjoy 😀

I give this film 3.5 Stars out of 5!

There’s something evil hiding in the woods.