Mum’s List

Mum’s List (2016)

Genre: Drama

From the outset you know this film is going to be emotionally charged because it is based off real life. The narrative is great as we are seeing the two parts of the story (possibly three if you count the story of them in the eighties 😛 ) running at the same time. I liked that set up as it filled in the back story effortlessly while showing us the aftermath 🙂 . The sad moments are very engaging, tender, heart wrenching that will make you cry (so grab your tissues 😛 ). Rafe Spall was amazing as Singe (St John) Green especially his moments where he breaks down (realisation hits/gets too much). You felt his pain and he was believable. Emilia Fox (Kate Green) was also very convincing and her partnership with Rafe Spall was great. The children (William and Matthew Stagg) were good too 🙂 . My favourite scene was the important moment in the hospital (near the end of the film) where its goes silent. It was short and powerful. There were plenty of other good moment and I liked how most appeared like memories for Singe. This was a wonderful heart warming film that even though it is sad, it is very uplifting by the time it ends. I also loved the real photos in the end credit 🙂 . Great movie that should be watched at least once and great for those who loved these types of genres 😛 ! Enjoy 😀

I give this film 4 Stars out of 5!

Acres and Acres.

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