Storks (2016)

Genre: Family Film, Animation, Adventure, Comedy

This family animation about a Stork trying to deliver a baby is actually pretty good 🙂 . The narrative is entertaining and can keep all ages fairly engaged. This is definitely aimed at children but what I liked most was that the narrative and humour could relate to adults as well 🙂 . One of my favourite humours/jokes in this movie was the reference to “where babies come from” 😛 . There were pockets of humour throughout that the adults could appreciate and odd humour sections for the children. I liked the characters of Tulip (Katie Crown) and Junior (Andy Samberg) as they worked well together and you actually wanted them to succeed 😀 . The “drama” and “danger” was quite entertaining. How the babies were “created” was cool and the adventure style to the narrative worked. The wolves are a bit like Marmite in this film (your either going to love them or hate them 😛 ). I loved the story of the family wanting the new baby (from the storks) and flicking between the two tales actually worked. The CGI is quite good and that baby is adorable 🙂 . Once she arrives the story becomes better and the ending is fabulous. Surprisingly there are some tender moments that can be quite emotional. Overall, this is a highly entertaining and charming movie that can the entire family can appreciate. Enjoy 😀

I give this film 4.5 Stars out of 5!

A bundle of trouble is coming.

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