Pete’s Dragon

Pete’s Dragon (2016)

Genre: Disney, Adventure, Family Film, Fantasy

I had never seen the original Pete’s Dragon so I came to this film with no expectations and couldn’t compare it. I don’t know how true to the original story it was but quite honestly, I was disappointed. I was bored by the time this film had gotten part way through and was waiting for it to end. Don’t get me wrong the graphics are good, the initial premise to the film was enticing and it has a great cast 🙂 . However, the film is covered with so many cheesy moments and so much predictability (this was actually one of the worst predictable films on have seen this year). I didn’t feel much for the characters or any danger they might have been in as I basically figured out how it would end. I actually understood the villain (if you can call him that 😛 ) with his fears plus the main two heroes Pete and Elliot were annoying. Elliot was worse because he was so cheesy and near the end (on the bridge) he acted more like the bad guy! Don’t get me wrong the bad guy was still bad and the good guys were overly good that I did understand. I did find parts of the movie funny I have to admit 🙂 . I also loved the beginning scene (before the movie title appeared) as it was executed well, was interesting and created a great premise. Shame nothing else in this movie matched it. This is a movie aimed at kids. It is fairly okay story to watch (the beginning half better) that small children may enjoy. Shame on Disney for creating a weak reboot of their own movie that forgets about the adults. This is a film I will never watch again. Enjoy 🙂

I give this film 2 Stars out of 5!

Panda Pete's Dragon
Some Secrets Are Too Big To Keep.

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