BFG (2016)

Genre: Adventure, Family Film, Fantasy

This is a really good family movie šŸ˜€ . It stayed true the original children’s book by Roald Dahl and was highly entertaining. The graphics are great and loved the look of the giants and their world šŸ˜› . BFG (Mark Rylance) was amazingly funny and looked the part (like the drawing of Quentin Blake but more realistic šŸ˜› ). Loved the character of Sophie performed by Ruby Barnhill who was simply fabulous šŸ˜€ . The dream sequence was cool and I loved the magic in the movie. The colours they created was almost breathtaking which created a sense of wonder for children and adults alike. I loved the hints and the story of the other child of the BFG’s (when you watch the movie you will know who I mean šŸ˜› ). The film has a great narrative and is hilariously funny šŸ˜› . Especially the scene in the Royal Palace with the Fizz Whoppers (I haven’t chuckled so much in a cinema for quite some time šŸ˜› ). This is a great movie for both young and old plus anyone who grew up on Roald Dahl books šŸ˜€ . This may not be the best film ever created but it follows the book and it is aimed at children šŸ˜› . Therefore,Ā  IĀ  recommend! Enjoy šŸ˜€

I give this film 4.5 Stars out of 5!

Panda BFG
The world is more giant than you can imagine.

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