Predators (2010)

Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

I really like this version of the Predators films as it is captivating and very entertaining 🙂 . It starts well, the action scenes are plentiful and the story is pretty decent plus very easy to follow (so you can simply enjoy a Predator Hunt narrative 😛 ) . The characters are good, portrayed brilliantly by the actors and each felt like they had a good back story. However, I would have liked to see more of these characters (backstories) but this film is not one of those movies 😛 . The chase with the alien animals was a pretty cool scene and I liked the scene with the Mexican (when you watch it you will know 😛 ) as it was pretty creepy! There are decent twists with the characters and narrative. The twist is slightly predicable but works in this movie and even made me change the character I was rooting to survive 😛 .  The deaths are individual and gruesome (there is a reason this is an 18). Also CGI good and have to mention the Predators aren’t too bad 😀 . However, as much as I loved this film and I really like the beginning leading to the “ship” scene, the ending isn’t as good as it could have been.  However, a decent enough film for those who like Sci-Fi and the Predator movies 🙂 Enjoy 😀

I give this film 4 Stars out of 5!

Panda Predators
Fear is Reborn

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