Chicken Little

Chicken Little (2005)

Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Disney

My last review was about the (probably) best Disney movie ever to now a review on one of the worse Disney film ever! I had (luckily) never had a chance to see this movie as a child so I thought let’s watch it now 🙂 . It is awful. Seriously, everything about it is awful. The CGI is so bad it is actually embarrassing to watch 😛 . I guess we should be kinder to old CGI animation because they are being compared to nowadays, but normally the story would be stronger. The first 60 minutes of this movie is boring, cliché humour and stereotypical personalities (and not even in a humorous way).  It has a pretty bad moral at the beginning, it says “if the whole world doesn’t believe you don’t expect your parents to back you up and now it’s okay for the whole world to bully you”. Even the turnaround stays boring and creates the most predicable, cheesy (kind of) happy ever after that doesn’t leave you satisfied.  Also the songs are so old (even for the year this movie was made), it doesn’t work and doesn’t make it funny. The actual “fake movie” in a movie seemed more interesting 😛 . This is a film I don’t recommend ever because reading the original nursery story is more entertaining. Enjoy 😀

I give this film 0.5 Stars out of  5!

Panda Chicken Little
This time the sky really is falling.

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