Recess: School’s Out

Recess: School’s Out (2001)

Genre: Disney, Comedy, Animation, Family Film, Children

This is a decent and nostalgic film for those who loved the original Recess series πŸ˜› . First off it is not as good as the series and if you don’t like the series then it isn’t captivating or interesting enough. Though those who are fans the series (young and old πŸ˜› ) will enjoy it πŸ™‚ . Secondly,Β  all you hear in this movie is James Wood (aka Hades from Hercules) who voices a decent villain, they tried to include all the characters from the series and the narrative isn’t half bad πŸ˜› . It’s a slow start but gets mildly better as it continues and has funny moments. My personal favourite funny moment Β was Mickey versus the guards while he sings opera (I will try not to spoil πŸ˜› ). The choice of music of this film is great and the drawing matches the series. The moral of the story was good, loved the ending (especially the end credits) and I can’t deny that I was entertained πŸ™‚ . Great if you are a fan otherwise might not be the best. Enjoy πŸ™‚

I give this film 3 Stars out of 5!

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Goosebumps (2016)

Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Family Film

This is a truly great film for the entire family and for the true Goosebumps fanΒ  πŸ˜€ ! The narrative is very entertaining (for both children and adults) and it has a unique twist / style to include all books rather than choosing one. I loved it πŸ˜€ .You get to see references to classic / most popular books of the series (like the basement and the grandfather clock πŸ˜› ) though I did notice not all got in. But I can’t blame it as there are a lot of books out there πŸ˜› . Jack Black was amazing as the fictional version of Stine and the others weren’t annoying (well one was close but not too bad πŸ˜› ). Slappy was absolutely scary (who was voiced by Jack Black! ) and so were the other monsters who all had fantastic CGI πŸ™‚ . Some parts will appear childish (as that is who it was aimed for ) though it has a wonderful nostalgic feel which the true fans will appreciate. Plus the end credits with the old style of drawing was awesome πŸ˜€ ! Β A highly enjoyable watch (much better than I had expected) that the entire family can love. Enjoy πŸ˜€

I give this film 4.5 Stars out of 5!

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Deadpool (2016)

Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Marvel

This is simply one awesome movie πŸ˜€ ! Simply brilliant, hilarious and well casted! Indeed those who are easily offended may not enjoy this movie that much but personally I think it complemented the narrative πŸ™‚ . The story is extremely interesting and the references to previous films/modern references are brilliant! I loved the constant jokes (especially the X-Men Studio one πŸ˜› ) . The bad guys was convincing. The narration from Ryan Reynolds character (who was fantastic as Deadpool) was refreshing and entertaining (constantly breaking the forth wall). Β This is a unique anti-hero movie that has great action shots (I loved the beginning montage), an amazing narrative (for both boys and girls πŸ˜› ) and is simply a movie made for the fans!! Even the clip after the credits was hilarious (for us true Marvel fans πŸ˜› )! I can’t pick a favourite scene because I loved the entire movie and I am probably not giving it enough credit!! If you are a fan of anything superhero (or anti -hero πŸ˜› ) than this is for you! Enjoy πŸ˜€ !!

I give this film 5 Stars out of 5!

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Ted (2012)

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy

I have mentioned before that many films have been underrated but this one I believe has been overrated πŸ˜› . Don’t get me wrong this is a decent film! The characters are unique, I believed in the relationships of the characters, great cast (Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis , Seth MacFarlane) and it is funny πŸ™‚ . There are some moments that had me laughing out loud and the 80’s references (Flash Gordon) is brilliant though the problem is it’s quite offensive. Maybe it’s because the film is directly aimed at the male audience and those who love “Family Guy” will adore this film. Though those who don’t like Family Guy may struggle to enjoy and could actually be put off. However, if you “try” and ignore the strong sexually/drugs/offensive references the narrative is quite good. Personally, the story got ten times better when the “Kidnapping” happens πŸ˜› . An enjoyable movie, decent CGI though not for the easily offended as it can destroy the overall enjoyment πŸ˜› . Enjoy πŸ™‚

I giveΒ  this film 2.5 Stars out of 5!

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27 Dresses

27 Dresses (2008)

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Happy Valentine’s everyone :). As it is Valentine’s I thought it would be best if I reviewed a romance movie :P. So here is one of my favourites…27 Dresses πŸ˜€ . This is a wonderfully hilarious and sweet movie about a woman who is always the bridesmaid never the bride. The main two cast members are brilliant; Katherine Heigl and James Marsden who create believable and likable characters πŸ™‚ . Katherine Heigl’s character of Jane was so likable that I wanted her to succeed, she made me tear up a little, laugh with her and couldn’t fault her. The romance is believable and her pain of her sisters taking her place (won’t say what so I don’t spoil πŸ˜› ) is horrible! I am totally on Jane’s side and even when she takes “revenge” I still don’t think she was in the wrong as what the sister did was worse πŸ˜› . Brilliant conclusion to a quite entertaining romantic comedy and a film everyone can enjoy (probably girls more πŸ˜› ). Enjoy πŸ˜€

I give this film 4.5 Stars out of 5!

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Trumbo (2016)

Genre: Biography, Drama

This is one very interesting and enlightening film depicting the true story of Dalton Trumbo. It is entertaining enough to keep me intrigued for narrative and I really wanted things to turn out alright for Trumbo. I can’t fault the acting as everyone’s performance were incredible and Bryan Cranston created a fabulous portrayal of Dalton Trumbo πŸ˜€ . However, there was something missing in this film. I was not as entertaining as it should have been. I understood it couldn’t be greatly entertaining but something was missing which effected the captivating element the narrative should have had. Though highly informative in a way only a film can be πŸ˜› ! You can’t help but empathise with Trumbo and his struggles against a harsh, nasty Hollywood at the time. I truly did love learning and watching the story develop πŸ™‚ . The ending of this film is perfection and I loved it πŸ˜€ . A worthy biographical film that may not be the best is definitely deserves a watch! Enjoy πŸ˜€

I give this film 4 Stars out of 5!

Panda Trumbo
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The Emperor’s New Groove

The Emperor’s New Groove (2000)

Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Disney, Family Film

This is one of Disney’s underrated movies but it’s a pretty decent one πŸ˜› . The characters are funny, likable, unique and I really liked that fact that Pacha wasn’t “perfect” (slightly overweight πŸ˜› ). The contrast of the main two heroes, their growing friendship and Kuzco’s “growing up character development” works well within the story. The comedy element isn’t the strongest but has a likable charm to the movie and some parts are quite funny πŸ˜› . The uniqueness of a prince changing into a llama is pretty cool and the flow of the film works well with Kuzco’s narration. My favourite scenes are the cafe and the last battle scene where they all fight over the potion πŸ˜› . The villain doesn’t overshadow and each character gets their chance in the lime light. Colours and artwork good, I was kept quite entertained and at times it is quite touching πŸ™‚ . A decent Disney Classic that will keep both children and adults alike entertained. Enjoy πŸ˜€

I give this film 4.5 Stars out of 5!

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Spotlight (2016)

Genre: Biography, Drama, History

This is a biographical film about the real events from the tem Spotlight who reported on the abuse hidden by the Catholic Church. This is one amazing film πŸ˜€ ! The cast is stunning; Mark Ruffalo, Michael Keaton, Rachel McAdams, Liev Schreiber and Brian d’Archy James, who created believable characters πŸ˜€ . I was captivated the entire way through the film which it is quite long but feels like it needs to be. The narrative itself should be a horror film with the events that happened to the victims but it works in a way that you are with Spotlight wanting them to succeed instead. It creates an authentic movie making you feel and understand the victims without overly depressing the audience. By all accounts this film about reporters and lawyers should be dull but personally I was quite gripped and was captivated πŸ™‚ . There are plenty of great scenesΒ  in this film but I loved the ending which had a happy ending (ish) and ends so abruptly that you are left wanting more πŸ™‚ ! A fantastic film that I seriously recommend! Enjoy πŸ™‚

I give this film 5 Stars out of 5!

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