The Danish Girl

The Danish Girl (2016)

Genre: Biography, Drama, Romance

I was very excited to see this film after seeing clips from the trailers. And after  New Year’s Day I was able to watched it and was not disappointed 🙂 ! I do not know anything about the Real story of Lili Elbe but I found the story to be touching, interesting and very entertaining. The acting was superb within this film 🙂 . Eddie Redmaine (Lili Elbe/ Einar Wegener) is fabulous and so was Alicia Vikander (Gerda Wegener) as his wife. They created some stunning scenes and I believed in the chemistry of the two actors 🙂 . The costumes and overall setting of this film is also great. What I liked most about this film was that it kept me intrigued but allowed me to laugh with the characters even when it is about an emotional issue. The ending is fitting for the tale and you get a good feeling about it even though I do wish it ended differently (we can’t change history 😛 ). A wonderful and stunning film that I do recommend 😀 . Enjoy 😉

I give that film 5 Stars out of 5!

Panda Danish Girl
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