Pan (2015)

Genre: Adventure, Family Film, Fantasy

This film I was eager to see as I had seen many great trailers and I love the tale of Peter Pan 😀 . Well, I was quite disappointed. The trailers are the best thing about this film and they build up an expectation that doesn’t deliver :/ . First I will say the things that did impressed me. I like the onscreen relationship of Hook and Peter as it was quite charming. I like the Indians when they got hurt (trying not to spoil) became paint (very stylish 😛 ) and the pirates first scene and the beginning section was quite cool 🙂 . However, I didn’t like the fact that this is set in World War 2 as if anyone knows Peter Pan it is set way before this time (as the whole point of this film is the beginning of Peter Pan so how can he start in WW2 when he meets Wendy around the early 1900’s?). However, you can get past that but I didn’t believe in the relationship between Hook and Tiger Lily. I wasn’t impressed by Tiger Lily at all, the Indians bored me and the fairies were terrible. Also, the pirates were okay but the modern music they were singing was simply irritating(made no sense for this era). A film that has obviously tried but failed to impress. If you want to see an fantasy adventure then this is for you but if you are looking for a story about Peter Pan then avoid. Enjoy 🙂

I give this film 2 Stars out of 5!

Every Legend has a beginning.
Every Legend has a beginning.

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