Legend (2015)

Genre: Biography, Crime, Thriller

I was unsure about this film at first but it was surprisingly a decent film about the Kray Twins. It wasn’t a typical gritty gangster films (which mostly go over-the-top and put me off) but a slightly refreshing new take. Tom Hardy was truly amazing as both Ronny and Reggie Kray 🙂 . I surprised at his ability to create two different personalities. They were so good that you forgot it was Tom Hardy and saw his two characters. Emily Browning was quite good too and her onscreen relationship with Hardy was believable 🙂 . The violence in this film actual isn’t that bad (even if it is an 18), I was expecting much worse. I was kept entertained, I loved the background music (Liked seeing / hearing Duffy as well 😛 ) and the background cast were superb. Even though I really liked this gangster film, I have to say it’s one true downfall. It focused too much on Frances Shea than the Kray’s. However, still a good film 🙂 . Enjoy 😀 !!

I give this film 4 Stars out of 5!

Power. Fear. Family.
Power. Fear. Family.

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