Mulan II

Mulan II (2004)

Genre: Disney, Animation, Family Film, Children, Action, Comedy

Sequels to great Disney Classics often have the problem of never matching up to the epic standards. This film does suffer the same problem however this is not a bad film. The narrative allows everyone (fans of the Mulan film more) a different side to the characters. What you get most from this film is the romance that the first movie did not explore. Personally, I liked the romances, story and I did shed a tear near the end (you will know the scene when you watch it 😛 ). The girls were interesting characters however the characters of the original (Shang, the three men, Mulan even…) were affected badly. Though they are good enough to enjoy the film 🙂 . The songs are good enough to sing along to but not as good as it could have been. The drawings aren’t a great quality. If you love Mulan, Disney and want to watch a entertaining enough sequel then this is for you 😛 . Enjoy 😀 !!

I give this film 3 Stars out of 5!!

My Duty is to my heart.
My Duty is to my heart.

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