Ouija (2014)

Genre: Horror

This film’s narrative actually wasn’t that bad and had potential. The beginning began well, gripping in its twists and was a good set up to how the film would continue 🙂 . The horror sections were much better in the first half of this movie as it was intriguing and the storyline was curious. However, even though I did enjoy this film, the narrative (once ghost revealed) got a little predictable. This film is for those who like “jumpy” rather than “gore” horror but I was expecting the pace to pick up or start to get more intense. It tried. The actors were good but they didn’t really stand out (that could be down the characters…). The ending of the film (the actual ending not the second half of film) really bugged me. It was really typical ending of the horror genre. An okay enough horror to watch with your friends (or family if that’s your thing 😛 ) but not the best 😛 ! Enjoy 🙂

I give this film 2.5 Stars out of 5!

Keep telling yourself it's just a game.
Keep telling yourself it’s just a game.

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