The Sword and the Stone

The Sword and the Stone (1963)

Genre: Disney, Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Children, Family Film

This is a wonderful film with a bunch of charming characters but unfortunately the plot line could have been better planned. Don’t get me wrong the story is lovely and I enjoy all the various missions Merlin puts Wart through (the squirrel scene my favourite ) 🙂 ! However, the most interesting part of the narrative was near the end, which makes you feel this film’s ending was too short to be satisfactory! Personally, they could have focused on the narrative more on encouraging Arthur rather than just the magic. However, this is still a fantastic film for children or the entire family 😀 ! My favourite character was Archimedes and I would recommend you watch this film just for his scenes 😛 ! A wonderful Disney Classic that is enjoyable for all even if the narrative wasn’t that wow 😛 ! Enjoy 🙂 !

I give this film 3 Stars out of 5!

Jumping Hogtoads!
Jumping Hogtoads!

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