Brave (2012)

Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Disney, Pixar

For me this film about a girl wanting to make her own path / changing her fate is fantastic! I love it and I know it has been given some negative reviews from others but it deserves better šŸ™‚ . The animation is great, the comedy for this film hilarious and the narrative is good. I liked that this narrative was about family, magic and bears rather than the typical love stories (involving a prince of some kind). Merida’s personality is wonderful and each character in the film is funny / likable. Mor’du was a impressive bear – quite fearsome and some of the best scenes where with this character. I really liked the magic element of this film and the scenery was amazing (for animation) šŸ˜› Ā . Also trying not to spoil anything but the three boys were simply adorable part way through this film (when you watch it you will know what I mean šŸ˜› ! ) A really good film, great for the entire family, that I recommend you watch šŸ˜› ! Enjoy šŸ˜€ !

I give this film 5 Stars out of 5!

Change your Fate!
Change your Fate!

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