Fury (2014)

Genre: Action, Drama, War

This film shows all about the horrors of war, gritty, lots and lots of action. Lots of explosions. Rain. Gunfire. That’s mostly what you get from this film. Quite honestly I finished this film still wondering what the film was actually about. The characters were cliché and I really didn’t like the rest of group (excluding Logan Lerman and Brad Pitt). They were crude, mean and quite honestly I felt nothing for them. I started the film with no expectations and expected some sort of narrative to develop but it never did. The battles were ok, deaths gruesome and sometimes shocking. My favourite section was in the German town with the two women but they ended quickly and just began the rest of non narrative film. If you want to watch something with a tank, action and explosions then this is for you. If you want to watch a brilliant war film, with amazing characters and a decent narrative then pick something like Saving Private Ryan.

I give this film 1 Stars out of 5!

War never ends quietly.
War never ends quietly.

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