She’s the Man

She’s the Man (2006)

Genre: Comedy, Romance

A classic chick flick that delivers exactly what you expect 🙂 ! It is hilariously funny and the culture references / jokes they created can still make you laugh. Amanda Bynes plays a really good part and this is my favourite film (so far) of hers. There are references to Twelfth Night (what it’s loosely based off) but not many. The costume of Amanda (when she becomes a boy) is passable but as an audience you have to use some imagination. She looks nothing like her twin (James Kirk) and you are surprised how the characters in the film are so clueless. However that does not take anything away from the film 🙂 . The film focuses a lot about football (American Soccer) which follows the theme of many early 2000 teen flick movies but again you have to just accept it as you watch the film. It delivers something funny, great cast, predicable ending but a great to watch with your friends. Enjoy 🙂 !

I give this film 4 Stars out of 5!

It's time to settle the score.
It’s time to settle the score.

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