Becoming Jane

Becoming Jane (2007)

Genre: Biography, Drama, Romance

This is a sweet film about the life of Jane Austen and her inspirations of becoming a writer. It is not historically accurate as this is Hollywood’s attempt to create a story from a few pieces of evidence. The acting of Anne Hathaway as Jane and James McAvoy as Tom Lefroy is brilliant 🙂 . I loved the sections where (if you love Jane Austen’s novels) the comparisons to the books and how her own life experiences mirrored her characters. I noticed a lot of Pride and Prejudice / Sense and Sensibility in this over other books. The story was nice but I was not always captivated as I could have been. I personally hated the ending. I get how they had to create an ending to match the real Jane but if you are making a story based (loosely) on her life than you could have made a happier ending. Overall, a good film, that’s worth a watch but it is not the best biography film I have seen. Enjoy 😀 .

I give this film 2.5 Stars out of 5!

Becoming a woman. Becoming a legend.
Becoming a woman. Becoming a legend.

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