Bride Wars

Bride Wars (2009)

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Sadly, this film gives you so much promise and fails to deliver. I have seen from many other reviews that if you have seen the trailer you have seen the movie and quite honestly it’s true. The acting of Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway is good and they portray the characters well but the narrative doesn’t give much. The narrative’s war sections are shown in the trailers and there is not much more to it. I did like the battle at the Hen Party but that gave a nasty after taste with the story not building. The ending also leaves a nasty effect on the audience making you feel the fight was for nothing, one girls just gets everything while the other just has to accept her lot in life. They end predicable which I suppose is good but the middle is such a letdown it effects the overall film. If you are looking for a typical bride film with a over the top narrative, then this is for you. Enjoy 🙂 !

I give this film 1.5 Stars out of 5!

May the best Bride win.
May the best Bride win.

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