Dumbo (1941)

Genre: Disney, Family Film, Children, Animation, Musical

Another wonderfully crafted Disney Classic that I personally found more upsetting than Disney’s Bambi. The scene with Dumbo and his mum in Baby Mine is truly sad which enhanced the narrative, making you want to watch till the end 🙂 . The songs are brilliant and especially “When I see an Elephant fly” will have to singing along! The Pink elephants on parade is a wonderfully vibrant scene which shows the mastery of the Old Disney Artwork!! I was scared off the Pink Elephants when I was a child but now as an adult I appreciate how cool it actually is 😛 So if you’re watching this film with children…You have been warned 😛 ! It is very intriguing with the narrative and you feels so sorry for poor little Dumbo! The film felt like it ended too soon for me personally but it still a wonderful film! Enjoy!!

I give this film 5 Stars out of 5!

The one...the only...the fabulous!
The one…the only…the fabulous!

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