Show Boat

Show Boat (1951)

Genre: Drama. Family, Musical

This old fashioned film is based off the 1927 Musical by Jerome Kern and Oscar Hammerstein. It is a very pleasant movie even if the narrative is not too complicated. However, I personally loved it :). For a film of it’s time it does well and does manage to captivate you in it’s plot line and the struggles of the characters. My favourite character was Julie played by Ava Gardner, who performed her really great but I would have liked the character to have been more true to the original. The songs were good but the most outstanding one was “Old Man River” by William Warfield who gave me shivers 😀 ! I like the themes in this musical and the ending was better than I expected. Magnolia’s character does get annoying but that is based of a woman of the era (based of the 1927 version) which you have to forgive it. It’s overall enjoyable and it has that good old nostalgia feeling 🙂 !

I give this film 3.5 Stars out of 5!

Ol' Man River! He keeps on rollin' along!
Ol’ Man River! He keeps on rollin’ along!

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