Godzilla (2014)

Genre: Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller

I was truly excited about this film and could not wait to watch this the minute it came out πŸ™‚ The trailers were inspiring with the sound of the creature reminding us what we have been waiting for since the 1998 version :). However, as much as this film is good…in my opinion it did not live up to its expectation. I liked that the monster’s travel made more sense. That it started from Japan than travelled to various other places rather than simple aiming for New York City (1998). I liked that we had more than one, I liked the train scene and I really liked the opening sequence. However, I hated the main character in the first half of the movie. He was annoying and unlikable plus I was more on his father’s side, making me annoyed when he kept talking down to his father. He got better as a character as it continued, making me like him better by the end but I would have like to have had a more better character to follow. Plus Godzilla took a really long time to appear! This film is still a really good watch but I was not thrilled as I should have been.

I give this film 3.5 Stars out of 5!

The World ends, Godzilla begins!
The World ends, Godzilla begins!

2 thoughts on “Godzilla

  1. Nice review. I liked this less than you, though. I agree that it was not as thrilling as it should have been. It’s biggest crime, in my opinion, was that it struggled for air emotionally. I know we don’t come to Godzilla for emotional resonance, but it took itself so seriously.


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