Saving Mr. Banks

Saving Mr. Banks (2013)

Genre: Biography, Comedy, Drama, Disney

Saving Mr. Banks is one of the best Biography (with a touch of add fictional Drama :P) film I have ever seen. I wanted to watch this when I first saw the trailer and was not disappointed! It is about the woman who wrote Mary Poppins and how Walt Disney tries to get the film rights and the film’s story is written beautifully. I loved the way they contrast the two stories, one in 1961 and her childhood in the 1900’s, but it does not look out of place. It is easy to follow as you laugh, seriously cry and get a fantastic uplifting feel 😀 It is one of the rare biographies that I have watched and have not ended up hating the person who wrote the book in the first place 😛 What I mean is, it made me learn about P. L. Travers and I appreciate her, completely understand her. Emma Thompson and Tom Hanks are perfect for the roles they were given!! It’s a fantastic film to watch! Have your tissues ready as there are some heart-pulling scenes and you will be singing Mary Poppins songs the minute the film ends!!

I give this film 5 Stars out of 5!!

Behind the beloved book is a story beyond words!
Behind the beloved book is a story beyond words!

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