Young Winston

Young Winston (1972)

Genre: Biography, Drama, War

When I started watching this film I will have to admit, I was bored. It was not captivating from the start and I just simply waited for things to get better. Luckily enough, they did šŸ™‚ This film is basically a documentary of Winston Churchill’s life story and with the directing of Richard Attenborough, it presents well. The film gets more informative and interesting as it continues but the film is a little long as they put in a lot of source material in it. I would recommend his film if you are a big fan of Winston Churchill, if you want to know more about his historical figure, like war films and like watching documentary films than this is the one for you :). Though My advice is that you force your way though the beginning and be prepared, it is a long film šŸ˜›

I give this film 3.5 Stars out of 5!

I'm Free! I'm Winston Bloody Churchill, and I'm free!
I’m Free! I’m Winston Bloody Churchill, and I’m free!

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