Robin Hood

Robin Hood (1973)

Genre: Animation, Comedy, Adventure, Disney, Children, Family Film

Robin Hood is one of Disney’s recycled film, using old scenes from earlier films to use in this one. Yes the animation is not the best, the jokes have lost their appeal (then the audience it was meant for in 1973) and yes it is not on the Standing of some of the more Classic Disney films. However, it is a pleasant film and personally, i quite enjoy it :). You can’t take the tale too seriously and you have to ignore the majority of the cast have a American accent (though it is set in Nottingham, England) but it is a good film about Robin Hood. Children would love this tale and even though the jokes have become lame, you can’t help but smile at certain sections. I like the characters of King John and Sir Hiss the most and the whistle song will get stuck in your head 😛 If you want something light and fun, chose Disney’s Robin Hood and if you can get through the first part you will get to a more dramatic, more better written second half 🙂

I think I may be a little generous with this but I give this film 3 Stars out of 5!

Oo De Lally!
Oo De Lally!

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